The Secret to Persuasion is Storytelling

Using storytelling to master persuasion

John Halstead


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After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.- Philip Pullman

There are few things as captivating as a well told story. What you may not know is that stories are a very integral part of being persuasive.

The power of a stories is being used in sales and marketing over the sharing of data and other persuasive facts. It turns out that stories and storytelling are far better persuasive tools

Why Using Storytelling in Persuasion is a Must.

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Bottom line. It works. One might dismiss the ideas of storytelling believing that presenting facts will be more persuasive. They could not be more wrong.

Storytelling makes your messages your captivating, easier to understand, more believable, and much more captivating.

“a story is a fact wrapped in an emotion that compels and action which transforms the world.”

-Marshal Goldsmith

While this appears to be a simple definition Goldsmith contends that it has to be simple so that it can contain the very first stories that we hear. He uses the example of the All Gone story. The story in which we communicate to a child that there is no more left and we wrapped the story in emotion.

Don’t confuse this basic example with the skill required to craft a story that compels people to act. There are different levels of skill that must be employed. A long triathlete is an expert in how to use, rest, train, and heal their various muscles for the different conditions that they compete it. Similarly, a great story teller must know the parts of a story and how they work together to create and engaging and persuasive narrative. Marshall Goldsmith calls these Elements of Persuasion. He states that every successful story has these main elements:



John Halstead

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