Downtown Dallas in a Moment of Doom

John Halstead
2 min readMar 21, 2022

Downtown Dallas in a Moment of Doom

I love the way that black and white photographs take you back in your mind to places that you have been. In fact it can put you into the mood and setting of a time you only know by an old movie you saw pieces of.

Photo credit: John R. Halstead

Can’t you see the private detective

The one that works only alone

The girl who needs to be protected

He snaps out his answers on the phone

He has a classic car and nice clothes

She has a dress with a button on her chest

He has so many secrets that nobody knows

She lays like a sleepy angel trying to rest

A tough guy and a girl who is in trouble

He takes her out for a drink and has the usual

In fact he says make it a double

She orders a whiskey on rocks

Then they would walk the streets were a shy lock

Would run him down and demand that he pay up

The detective would look down his fedora at him

The shy lock seeing anger in his eyes would laugh

high pitched and annoying cackle.

High strung and crazy in beat

He would quickly disappear down the street

If this story took place today the girl in the

restroom she would snort a couple lines

He would find out from a search she had a kid

And for both of them that would be fine

John Halstead

I grew up in New York, lived in Vermont for a decade, and then moved to Texas for twenty years. I am currently a school teacher a blogger and a podcaster.